Value Building Small Business Consulting


Valumap light is a scaled down version of our one-on-one consulting for small established businesses that need an affordable option. It uses our Value Builder software, which is the engine that runs the core of our Valumap consulting programs. 

Tourist subscribes you to our free content only. 

Explorer gives you access to try out our Value Builder Software on your own terms with an added one-hour introductory consultation to help you get started.   It gives you access to our private Facebook group where you can discuss things with your peers.  In addition, you have the option to add an estimate of value on to your value builder score report for a reduced charge.

Climber gives you everything included with the above two options, but also includes monthly group coaching sessions and access to our private members area to make sure you are getting the most possible out of the program.

The "Explorer" and "Climber" options are intended only for businesses established at least three years, with annual revenue less than 2 million, one owner (or joint with spouse) and less than 10 employees. 


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