Reenergizing Your Small Business Post-Pandemic

By Roxanne Coffelt |

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This is a Guest Post by Nadine Jacobs 
(Photo by Pasja1000 on Pixabay)


More of the world is now opening up, and businesses can open with restricted rules in the UK. Small businesses have suffered greatly at the hands of the pandemic, with little help from the government for many. People are tired out from working so hard to keep their businesses afloat that sometimes it can be helpful to have a little advice. Here is how you can reenergize your small business post-pandemic.


Go Over Your Business Plan

Spend some time reading over your business plan from the start of last year. This is a great place to start as many small businesses were ready and rearing to go at this time. Your old business plan will have many creative ideas that you can build on which you may have forgotten about during the past year. 


Consider what might work for your business in a post-pandemic world. Not everything has stayed the same. With new restrictions, attitudes, and buying trends you might have to alter a fair bit of your business. Make this a fun and exciting venture rather than a chore. Ask people on your social media to get involved with the changes and keep customers updated on any changes through an email bulletin.


Create a New Plan

Write out a whole new business plan. Research your market and figure out what you need to do to stay ahead of the trend. Implement new and enthralling ideas that will make your business stand out from the rest. It is all about attracting those customers who are ready to spend their cash after such a long time locked indoors.



Rebranding can be a great choice as we (hopefully) head into the aftermath of the center of the pandemic. Everyone is looking for something brand new, so give it to them. Create a whole new look for your business, both online and off. You can create a new logo for your business that is more suited to attitudes. Using secure and safe imagery and clear lettering can make people trust in your business. Bright colors will boost your business' fun factor. Create a logo for free by visiting this site.

Run Competitions

Make your business an event. Run games, competitions and post interactive content. Give everyone something to talk about. Everyone is excited about the pubs having opened and the shops welcoming in customers again. Jump on that. Your business should be something for people to talk about. Get customers excited about what you are doing and keep them interacting. One great idea is a countdown calendar full of giveaways. You post each day and offer prizes in return for tags, shares and interactions.



Since the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme, customers are expecting businesses to offer discounts when they reopen. If they have the choice between a restaurant with pre-pandemic prices and another with 50% off or free drinks offers they are highly likely to select the latter. Work it into your budget and make sure you aren't selling yourself short, but definitely offer some sort of discount. If you get more customers in the first few weeks of opening back up, you are likely to keep them as returning custom. This will massively help you in the long run. Discounts also drastically increase word-of-mouth advertising. As with the competitions, you want as many people talking about your business as possible.

Reenergizing your business is as simple as a few special offers and a light rebranding. However simple it is, it is so important. Reenergize your business and yourself to step out stronger than ever in a post-pandemic world.