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Announcing Profit Positioning System (PPS), Helps Business Owners Maximize Value

By Roxanne Coffelt |

Business Evaluation Services Indiana

Roxanne Coffelt CPA LLC Is excited to announce a new service intended to help business owners take their business to the next level and maximize the potential value of their business. 

The Profit Positioning System (PPS) starts with a cursory evaluation that looks at revenue, profit and other areas of the management of the business.  This overview, called a PPS Snapshot, provides an estimate of the value of the business as compared to its potential value, and the general areas which are of most concern, including any red flags.  Upon entering the PPS program, a much more in-depth analysis is done.  The end result is an actual plan to improve business operations to capture that potential value that the business owner was leaving on the table, including prioritizing the changes that need to be made.  The business owner can then choose the amount of support, if any, they need to implement that plan. 

When she started her practice less than two years ago, one of Coffelt’s goals was to help clients use the information in their financial statements to improve their businesses.  This program goes a step further, looking at financial and non-financial factors.  Since Coffelt is also a CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst), this particular approach goes hand in hand with her background in business valuation. 

This program is perfect for someone who is planning on selling their business sometime in the future, or someone who is having trouble taking their business to the next level.  “Many business owners have an inflated idea of what their business is worth,” Coffelt said, “because they see its potential value.  They don’t see it from the perspective of a potential buyer.  Often when they go to sell, they are confronted with the reality that no one is willing to pay what they think their business is worth.  Many businesses end up not selling at all.”  For many small business owners, they are counting on the value of the business to provide for them when they retire. 

As a boutique practice, Coffelt strives to provide exemplary service in a few specific areas: 

  • Business valuation and related profit/growth consulting 

  • Litigation support 

  • Tax preparation and planning for small businesses (and their owners), estates and trusts. 

  • Representation before taxing authorities, including IRS audits. 

Since her practice operates in the cloud, Coffelt is available to meet with clients at the Chamber offices or sometimes their place of business. Current hours are by appointment only.  She can be reached at: 

PO Box 751, Warsaw, IN 46581.   

Phone: 574-267-8853