Litigation Support Services 


Coffelt CPA can help attorneys and their clients in the following ways:


Valuation Services

Business valuations – often needed in divorce cases, but also for trust/estate/planning purposes and buy/sell transactions

Review/critique of a business valuation

Advising on questions for depositions, interrogatories or cross-examination

Calculation of present value of pension benefits in divorce cases

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Accounting Services

Accounting for fiduciaries of trusts or estates

Accounting for theft or embezzlement

Estimating income of a business/individual

Reviewing tax implications of settlements or contracts

Reconciliation of attorney trust accounts



Expert Witness

Roxanne has experience testifying both as a witness of fact (including an embezzlement case for a Big 6 firm) and as an expert witness in business valuation matters.  In fact, she has been referred to by one local judge as "unflappable".


Experienced – In addition to her CPA designation, Roxanne is also a CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst).  She can advise counsel on the financial/valuation issues involved in a case, providing them the insight they need to be successful.  

Virtual - we can complete almost all projects entirely virtually. 


Avoid potential litigation with these services:

Implementation of internal controls for small business in order to prevent theft or misappropriation of assets.

Reviewing tax implications of settlements or contracts



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